It Takes a Crowd to Beat a Crowd

Companies are in an unfair fight when it comes to cybersecurity. Regardless of how robust security efforts are, companies will always be outnumbered by the thousands of malicious hackers worldwide. We bring thousands of good hackers to the fight, helping companies even the odds and find bugs before the bad guys do.

Traditional Security Testing

A single security researcher or scanner tests your applications. Limited scope and results.

Traditional Way

The Bugcrowd Way

A crowd of researchers test your applications. Thousands of eyes, better results.

Bugcrowd Way

Connecting Two Sides

Our revolutionary approach to cybersecurity brings together the world’s largest crowd of independent security researchers to the most innovative companies. Our goal is to give you confidence in the face of a hostile Internet.

Great Companies

We make it easy to find the most qualified security testers for web, mobile, source code and client-side applications when you need them. Gone are the days of paying for effort. With Bugcrowd, you only pay for actual results.

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Two sides

Elite Researchers

We have the largest crowd of independent security researchers in the world. We vet, measure and select the right researchers for each bounty program. That means we trust our crowd, and you should too.

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Crowdsourced security actually works.

In two weeks researchers typically find...

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Total Vulnerabilities

The crowd is constantly active and isn't content with singular findings.

Unique Vulnerabilities

Crowdsourced security produces results that traditional testing misses.

Critical Vulnerabilities

High priority bugs are automatically escalated to your security response team.

It produces better results than traditional testing. Here’s how we compare:

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Penetration Test

Typical penetration tests utilize the same methods, people and scanners every time your application is tested. Worst of all, you’re paying for a test that might not produce any results. With Bugcrowd, you only pay for validated vulnerabilities, not the effort required to find them.

Automated Scanner

Automated security scanners are useful for finding typical and common vulnerabilities, but no scanner can replicate the power of human creativity. Bugcrowd puts elite talent on your team to find vulnerabilities in your applications that only a hacker’s mind can find.

Internal Program

Running your own bug bounty program is not only tough to manage, but also difficult to attract the right talent towards. Bugcrowd solves both of those problems by putting our crowd of security researchers in your hands to test your apps within days.

Making Your Program Successful

Managing your own internal bounty programs requires a lot of people and resources. With Bugcrowd you not only get a cutting edge platform, but the people and technology to make your programs a success.

Finding The Right Talent

Our crowd of researchers specialize in everything. Whether it's web, mobile, iOT, hardware or anything in between, we've got the right security talent specific to your testing needs.

Promoting Your Program

Attracting top talent to your bounty program on your own requires a massive marketing push and a big brand name. We get you the visibility your programs need.

Keeping Out The Noise

Bugcrowd monitors all incoming submissions to make sure they are in scope, not duplicates, and appear valid. You are alerted when an identified bug needs your attention.

Paying out Researchers

One of the most important parts to any bounty program is making sure researchers are paid fairly and quickly. We give you guidance on payouts and take care of all the transactions.