The Art and Value of Bug Bounty Programs

Cybersecurity expert Keren Elazari joined Bugcrowd Founder and CEO, Casey Ellis, for some bug bounty myth busting and trend spotting.

We live in a wired, connected world – a system of systems, where one software flaw can affect millions of people. Answering the market needs, Technology companies push out thousands of lines of code into the world, with less and less time and resources for secure development and testing. In this reality, software flaws are inevitable – so why not utilize the nature of our connected world to work with a distributed immune system made up from thousands of security researchers?

In this webinar, we will highlight the business, technology and organizational values companies derive from these bug bounty programs. Our talk will provide in-depth analysis based on extensive academic research, conversations with CISOs experienced in running such programs, and the security researcher community. Finally, the talk will identify the common myths, fears and barriers for participation, and suggest recommendations to counter these barriers.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Bug Bounty program evolution and myth busting
  • Lessons from Barracuda’s Bug Bounty program
  • How businesses and technology derive value from bug bounty programs
  • The art of running a successful & effective bug bounty program

View the slides.