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We think our researchers are awesome, and you will too!


Security researchers on your side.

Top Security Talent

Our researchers are located throughout the world and are experienced in mobile, desktop, web and service based application testing. We invest deeply in our researcher community, cultivating a diverse set of skill-sets and uniquely creative professionals.

  • Justin Kennedy

    Justin Kennedy

    "I am both a principal security consultant that leads a security team at a global consulting organization as well as a Bugcrowd researcher. Why? Because security testing is my passion.”

  • Cristiano Maruti

    Cristiano Maruti

    “In my spare time I kill bugs while working with Bugcrowd, a smart and growing community of top-notch security masters!"

  • Nitin Goplani

    Nitin Goplani

    "Being a security researcher, it's important for me to keep my skills sharp and be on the lookout for opportunities to test and hone my skills. Bugcrowd helps me do that!”

Talented and Trusted

Our researchers have to be both skilled and trusted by Bugcrowd to test your applications. To achieve this, we measure our researchers on a few things...


How often a researcher’s submissions is accepted as “valid” by a program owner. Researchers must maintain an acceptance rate of 50% or higher.


Active researchers that are ready to work on your program. Researchers must have submitted in the last 90 days to qualify as active.


Critical submissions that you care about. Measured between 1.0 (critical) and 5.0 (low), researchers must maintain a priority rate better than 3.99.


A track record of staying inside the scope of a bounty brief, following terms, and honoring all non-disclosure requirements.