Your all in one vulnerability disclosure platform.

Connecting great companies with the world’s top security talent is no easy task, but with technology we make it a breeze. With Crowdcontrol, you get thousands of the world's best researchers testing your applications.

Hand Picked Crowd

Connecting you with the most qualified researchers that are best suited to test your applications. If activity drops, Crowdcontrol brings in a new batch of eyes.

Visibility Over Activity

See who's actively submitting reports to your program and establish relationships with your top performers.

Vulnerability Inbox

Crowdcontrol makes it easy to respond and work with researchers. At its core it’s a mail client but built specifically for identifying security vulnerabilities.

Complete Workflow

Manage vulnerability reports from when they are first received all the way through to resolution. Notify your engineering team of what needs to be fixed by integrating with your favorite ticketing software.

Transaction History

Manage your spend by having complete visibility over all outgoing reward payments. Control your budget by running a capped cost program or keep your bounty pool full for ongoing success.

End of Program Overview

Receive a comprehensive report at the end of every time constrained program that summarizes your programs results and success.

Time & Budget Constraints

You have complete control over program length and budget. Run with a private crowd or open it up to everyone.

Brandable Security Page

Every program comes with its own brandable security page. Share it around or keep it secret, its up to you.

Triage Engine

Crowdcontrol identifies duplicate and out of scope researcher submissions right when they are submitted. You are only notified of things that actually need your attention.